Genuine Traditional and contemporary iconography

We are a Melbourne, Australia based group of Byzantine Iconography painters and students. Under Anna Prifti's tuition the group has been operating since 2005 when Miss Rita Magris formed a group of icon lovers to get formal training. As Anna was trained by and worked in Iconography and Mural painting in Greece with a monk from Mount Athos for more than 12 years, Rita insisted that this opportunity shouldn't be missed.
The aim of our group is to write icons in the traditional byzantine technique. Our aim is not to reproduce or copy old prototypes, but to improve and bring these sacred images in conversation with the people who seek them. We strive to achieve the best level by following the traditional methods as the great masters did centuries ago.

Anna Prifti
"I am very lucky to be able to do the job that I love and to meet inspirational people along the way".
The mystery and symbolism that evolves around iconography continues to inspire Anna throughout her career. 
Anna runs her Iconography School in Melbourne since 2005. She undertakes large scale mural projects in various buildings and churches plus restorations.
Anna's work is part of collections in Europe, USA and Australia.


Mary Burke
Is a Franciscan sister living in Melbourne. Her interest in and love of icons began when she was working in the Middle East in the Melkite Church.

Since her return to Australia she has worked with people with disabilities and more recently with women and children experiencing domestic violence. She is currently working as a psychologist and iconographer.
Mary loves the interplay of image, symbol and theology in icons and enjoys exploring these connections while writing icons.

Voula Psaroudis

Voula was born in Northern Greece and migrated to Australia with her family at the age of 12. Voula enjoyed drawing from a young age and as an artist has continued to study and develop her art and skills over a period of thirty years.

Voula began to exhibit her work for the first time in 1994.
Amal Farah

Amal is a full time artist and iconographer. She is a proud mother of two boys.
Jim Murphy

Jim is a retired school principal and arts advisor. He just finished his 300th game of cricket playing in the same team with his son and grandson at E.B.Hill cricket club.

Shasta Strauss

Shasta learnt the Art of Iconography in 1994, including the traditional methods of mixing tempera paint using egg yolk and applying gold leaf.

"My lifelong passion, interest and dedication to the areas of painting, art and spirituality combines together wonderfully, for me, into my Iconography"

Rita Magris
~ passed 2008

Rita spent her life in the service of others supporting arts, design and iconography. She is always loved and remembered. R.I.P.
Margaret Gibson

Margaret is a retired teacher-librarian . We call her "Fountain of Knowledge". She spends much of her time painting, travelling and  researching Byzantine art in Venice, Rome and Turkey. Her interest in  all things Byzantine started at school under the tuition of a wonderful art teacher, Helen Luttrell, who introduced her to the mosaics of Constantinople, Ravenna  and Venice. Margaret's favourite and most inspirational mosaics are in the apses of Torcello's Cattedrale  di Santa Maria Assunta, Murano's Basilica di S.Maria e Donato, and the 9th century enthroned Mary and Child in the Hagia Sophia. In 2009 she was fortunate to visit the exhibition in Venice "Torcello 1000 Years".

Marie James

Marie James started iconography classes with Anna Prifti in 2011 after she retired from the workforce. Her interest in icons started after reading some Russian literature in her youth, and this interest grew following an overseas trip in 1979.
Our extended iconography network includes:
Rita Magris, Joy Walker, Paul Gahan, Margaret Gatehouse, Pamela Whitely, Mary Burke, Voula Psaroudis, Shasta Strauss, Madeline Graley, Heather Morris, Jeanne Irving, Margaret Gibson, Jim Murphy, Rosemary Clarke, Marie James, Amal Farah, Michael j. Wright, Tina Sideris, Marie James, Natasha Butreva, Judy Bink, Beverly Frame, Maria Gavnoudias, Jan Garood, Hilda Moussalem, Elizabeth Stefanatos, Paul Khayat, Gamila Melhem, John Gill, Elias Farah, Eileen Rafferty, Maddie Felder, Laura Etheredge, Evelyn Reinehr, Sotera Procopiou, Elizabeth White, Jennifer Dunlop, Carol Pringle, Helen Rose,  Athena Delidis, Debbie Sikaliotis, Julia Michael  and many more...